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The Great Big Mortgage Caper

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Making people completely and utterly aware of exactly how the outrageously fraudulent Mortgage con works and exactly how much money the bank makes when you get a mortgage,whether you pay it off or not. We will lift the lid on where the money comes from and where it goes to and explore how ALL mortgages were rendered null and void in 1968, and why it is mathematically impossible for the majority of people to pay off their mortgage, as well as the tricks the banks employ to make sure a mortgage remains as a "death grip" for all of your working life.

We will also discuss how to pre-emptively go on the attack and confront the Banks with clean hands, rather than wait for them to raise interest rates or the cost of life until you can no longer pay what is the biggest financial drain, then get kicked out on the street left with nothing.

Please pass this video on to anyone you know with a Mortgage, even if they do not have the courage to challenge the banks themselves, it's always good to know how you are being conned.

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